Tapeworms in dogs

Tapeworms in dogs

Tapeworms in DogsTapeworms are also found in animals such as dogs. They are parasites which are segmented and are found on the walls of the small intestines of the dog which they attach themselves using their hook like mouths. They are usually white in color and a dog gets infested with these parasites when they take in fleas that have ingested the eggs of the tapeworms. Eventually these eggs develop into tapeworms. One can get clues on his or her dog being infested by tapeworms when he or she notices that these tapeworms are crawling around the dog’s anus or one sees a sense of itch around the anal area and the dog keeps scratching around that area.

Symptoms of tapeworms in dogs

There are several signs and symptoms that your dog might be infested with tapeworms. One of the early signs of infestation is the presence of these tapeworms around the anal area. Tapeworms usually break off their tails and they can be located around this area. Remember also that in order to locate them tapeworms are white in color and when dry they look like rice.

Another symptom that your dog might be infested by tapeworms is the dog loss of weight. The dog might also show signs of weakness and lack of energy or motivation to do anything or things that the dog used to do. The dog might appear disinterested in playing or acting as your companion. Another sign of infestation is constant scratching around the anal area and this should raise alarm of infestation.

The tape worm might also pass from the small intestines to the stomach and the dog might be irritated and consequently vomit and in this case the worm might be observed in the vomit.

Causes of tape worm infestation

As have said earlier that dogs get tape worms after eating a flea or louse that has ingested the eggs of the tapeworms which later develop into full grown tapeworms. The dog can also be infested with certain species of tape worms after eating infested rodents such as rats and even eating infested meat like that of a sheep.

Prevention from infestation of tape worms

Since dogs get tape worms from eating infested rodents it’s important to protect your home from infestation of rodents by either setting traps to capture the rodents or other ways in which you can successfully eliminate the rodents from your home.

One can also protect your home from infestation of fleas and lice since the dog might eat those that have ingested the eggs of the tapeworms leading to infestation. It’s also wise to prevent your dog from roaming around and thus eating meat or rodents infested with tape worms. One should also not give his or her dog raw meat but boil or cook the meat to avoid infestation. One should also de-worm his dog regularly.

Treatment of tapeworms in dogs

In order to successful treat tape worms one should visit the vet after one has observed the symptoms and give drugs as prescribed by the vet. Among the drugs given to treat tape worms include Drontal plus and Droncit among others.

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